CAD Services

Certified Dassault Application Engineers providing optimal results helping you achieve critical deadlines.

CATIA Design Services starting at $35 USD per hour

  • Drafting/Drawing Generation
  • Product Design of blow molding, injection molding, forming, casting, sheetmetal, composites and other complex components.
  • 3D Modeling - Part Design, Assembly Design, Surface Design
  • 2D Drawing to 3D models
  • CAD Translation Services - STEP, IGES
  • (Converting) Remodeling from other CAD formats to CATIA V5
  • CATIA V4 to V5 conversion
  • 2D Drawing Conversion

CATIA Design Services starting at $60 USD per hour
  • Concept Design
  • Knowledgebase Parametric 3D Modeling
  • Advanced Surface Modeling – Complex engineering parts
  • Surface Styling Class-A surfacing
  • Fix and heal imported surface data
  • Surface development and generating Flat Patterns for complex 3D parts
  • Surface Optimization and Morphing to compensate forming allowances (springback)
  • Digital Mock-Up and Interference analysis
  • Kinematics (Simulation of Mechanisms)
  • Fitting Simulation for assembly/disassembly viability
  • Small Tooling design for all process disciplines
  • Special purpose Jigs and Fixtures
  • Structural Finite Element Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) projects
  • Supporting structures, Structural Platforms and other steel structures
  • Tubing, piping and electrical raceway & harness layout design for all domains

*All versions of CATIA are supported

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