CATIA Implementation

AscendBridge has been providing implementation services for CATIA since 1989. Our technical team has an array of experience implementing and customizing CATIA to meet your organizations requirements and to improve overall efficiency. CATIA V5 is relatively easy to install, however, there are many aspects to configuring CATIA V5 to ensure that you are using the application correctly and efficiently across your entire design team.

OEM's and major Tier 1 suppliers across the globe are using CATIA V5, all of which use different release levels, service packs, hotfixes, standards, templates, tools etc. It is imperative that you know how to manage the complexities of the software efficiently and it can save a lot of time and potential problems with data corruption or non-conformance to OEM standards.

A brief list of services our team can deliver:

  • Installation and Configuration of CATIA V4 or V5, including batch installation for rapid deployment
  • Licensing - Static, Dynamic, Setup and configure of Servers and Clients, Offline Licensing
  • Environment Management - Managing and Administering multiple environments to meet OEM requirements
  • Settings Management - Configuration, Locking, Sharing
  • Standards Management - Definition, Drafting, Standards Administration, Customization
  • Software Management - Installation of Software, Service Packs, Hotfixes, Batch Installation or code distribution, Customization
  • Interoperability - V4 to V5 data exchange, Exchange of data with other software
  • Data Management - DLnames, Link Management, SmarTeam PDM Deployment with CATIA Integration
  • Automation - Using VB or CATScript to customize any facet of CATIA to add functionality or automate repetitive processes

Please review the pdf's for additional CATIA services.