CATIA V5 Solutions

CATIA PLM Express is mapped to industry and job-related needs so that you can easily take your first steps towards achieving business transformation through PLM. You can rapidly and easily define the solution that matches your business needs, embarking on the expressway to immediate deployment time reduction and rapid return on investment – critical efficiencies for all businesses, regardless of the industry.

CATIA V5-6R2017 continues the evolution of the Version 5 Portfolio, with 18 enhanced products incorporating 80 highlights, and improving user productivity and overall usability. Improved 3D Master & Drafting Solutions (semantic support of ISO 1101:2012) enhance global collaborative innovation. While new capabilities (manipulation laws, Drawing tubes, Drawing Mesh) in CATIA Imagine & Shape deliver even better Lifelike experience. V5-6R2017 and 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x compatibility enables co-design from an interactive session between V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE across the supply chain, delivering a single PLM platform for IP management. New capabilities in digitized morphing on part bodies, new CATIA - Composites Link 2 product (CCL), and FreeStyle improvements are key examples of Dassault Systèmes commitment to deliver ready to use PLM business processes.

Traditional configurations such as MD2 and HD2 are still available. Please speak with a sales representative about which configuration will better suit your business.

CAT Entry Level
CAT Entry Level Configuration: CATIA TEAM PLM is the most robust, leading edge solution used to manage your product's lifecycle from start to finish

  • Unique knowledge capture and reuse enables fast design change and innovation
  • Easy product creation, from simple to sophisticated, with powerful CATIA modeler
  • Comprehensive drawing production with market leading generative drafting fully associative with 3D
  • Easy and interactive decision making thru instant collaborative reviews
  • Native access to virtual product data management directly in CATIA
  • Pre-customized product information for managing customer asset
  • Immersive interface for team management
  • Encourages reuse of existing assets and standards
  • Fully secured environment
  • Collaborative design iterations
  • Deploys a complete collaborative environment in 10 days – ask us how

CAT + MEE (Mechanical Engineering Excellence)
CAT + MEE Mechanical Engineering Excellence Configuration: Featuring rich functionality that is quickly becoming the standard for Automotive and Aerospace suppliers.
  • Space Analysis [SPA] - Advanced Sectioning tools, ability to save the 3D Sections and automatically update the saved sections if the design changes, save Section cuts into usable geometry, show color of sectioned parts for better presentation. 2D/3D annotations, redlining and marking while reviewing the design to highlight concerns or important areas. Compare two parts or sub-assemblies and highlight the changes graphically with identifiable colors.
  • Fitting Simulation [FIT] and Kinematics [KIN] - Kinematics helps to simulate the mechanisms and/or kinematic pairs of interacting parts in an assembly. Fitting simulation helps to simulate the assembly / disassembly sequence of the parts and the movements of the parts with respect to the environment.
  • Functional Tolerancing & Annotation [FTA] – helps to create 3D basic or Semantic Dimensions & Tolerancing, different orthogonal & section views in 3D and captures on the parts and assemblies. This is
  • starting to become the standard for the automotive and aerospace industry.
  • Tooling Design [TG1] - TG1 helps to create smart parts and assemblies which can transfer pockets, drilling and tapping features automatically in the receiving parts, most commonly used for inserting fasteners. This provides tremendous fuCnctionality to avoid mismatching features (like pockets and holes) in mating components and the user do not have to worry about the validity of 3D design or drawings for proper fitment.
  • Sheetmetal Design [SMD] - Enables to design the bent, rolled or brake-formed components made to thin sheets. Automating bends, flanges and other standard sheetmetal features are created very easy using dedicated commands. The most important functionality is to the get the unfolded or developed blanks with a click of a button which is otherwise very tedious work.

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CAT+MCE (Mechanical Design)
CAT + MCE Mechanical Design Configuration: Bringing 25 years of product design excellence to businesses of all sizes

  • High quality design for all mechanical parts, resulting from strong partnerships with industry leaders from all industries
  • Reduce time to design by enabling true concurrent engineering on complex parts
  • Fast design changes by automatically adapting parts and products to new contexts
  • Functional modeling : focus on what you want to model and not how to model it?
  • Hybrid design: fully associative mechanical shape design in context of parts
  • Dress-up feature completeness solving complex fillets and drafts
  • A unique part structure with multi-body design and powerful body operations
  • Automated relational design with publications
  • Functional feature modeling approach: Order-independent feature creation resulting in history-free part construction

CAT + MCE + HDX (Hybrid Design)
CAT Entry Level Configuration: CATIA TEAM PLM is the most robust, leading edge solution used to manage your product's lifecycle from start to finish

  • Recognized as the standard solution in mechanical shape design domain delivering high quality shapes
  • Rapid propagation of design changes at any time for easy shape design optimization
  • Automatic generation of complex hybrid shapes such as sweeps and blends
  • Standard design methodology definition to speed up the design process
  • Compliancy with design rules and constraints making shapes ready for manufacturing operations
  • Concurrent design empowerment
  • Smart feature-based approach to dynamically create and modify all types of wireframes and surfaces
  • The most extensive set of advanced surface capabilities on the market such as adaptive sweep
  • Wide set of real time analysis tools for quality checking
  • Powerful law definition to capture design intent
  • Unmatchable knowledge template creation and reuse for automation of design tasks
  • Styled surfaces can be refined and used as references to create mechanical shapes

The Automotive PLM Express configuration combines the benefits and functionality of the CAT+MCE+HDX Hybrid Design Configuration plus the following:

  • Enables high visualization performance
  • Enables optimum 2D viewing and 3D navigation for DMU inspection
  • Provides set of advanced measurement capabilities
  • Facilitates DMU collaborative review by supporting 2D and 3D annotations, drawing comparison, and hyperlink creation
  • Enables simulation replay and movie generation for advanced animation
  • Provides advanced visualization, simulation, analysis and product synthesis capabilities, including fully immersive design review through native integration with other DMU products
  • Supports publishing through report creation in HTML format
  • Supports automation of commands for enhanced user productivity
  • Interoperates with ENOVIA 3d com as an integral component of the ENOVIA DMU Solution
  • Integrates with ENOVIAVPM and ENOVIA V5 VPM Solution to promote business practices
  • Compares 3D geometry, visualizes the result in a dedicated viewer, saves the results for reuse, perform sectioning on the 3D comparison and take measurements on the section
  • Provides distance and band analysis tools
  • Provides a set of exact measurements on and between products, parts and features
  • Integrates with other DMU products for distance analysis of motion simulations and animation of sectioning results
  • Allows automation through VB access for Clash, Distance & Band Analysis, and Sectioning
  • Validate, assess and change product design at any time
  • Efficient presentation of design issues or design status
  • Reduced time to build new reviews from existing information
  • Definition of product requirements
  • Driving of design changes through rules and verifications
  • Creation of conditional geometries
  • Creation of reactive designs
  • Definition and solving of set of equations
  • IP protection and size reduction for supply chain exchange
  • Direct access to accurate dimension and tolerance information
  • Direct access and review of analysis results
  • Assess parts under real conditions inside the virtual product
  • V5 Fasteners validation and fasteners documentation generation

CAT + AME (Manufacturing)
CAT+AME Advanced Multi-Axis & Pocket Machining Configuration: De facto standard for complex aerospace part machining with state of the art milling technologies
  • All-in-one milling option
  • Best in class surface machining quality, faster machining time and ensured collision free tool paths
  • Drastic reduction of machining operations and NC programming time savings
  • Especially for multi-pocket parts (programming is up to 8 times faster with 75% fewer operations)
  • Through-machining process automation
  • Ultra-large NC program management and ultra-fast computation thanks to 64-bit support
  • Seamless design-to-manufacturing process with manufacturing features recognition and full associativity in the event design changes are made
  • State of the art machining techniques support: HSM capability, strategies for hard materials:
  • 5-axis flank contouring
  • 5-axis helix machining for turbo-machinery parts
  • Global and automatic machining strategy for multi-cavity parts
  • Powerful automation capabilities for efficient NC programming:
  • Capitalization of already defined processes thanks to machining process templates
  • Automatic sequencing, user defined Features...
  • Accurate verification of the tool path including simulation of material removal and analysis of remaining material in photo Mode Visit

CAT + GAE (Analysis)
CAT+GAE Generative Structural Analysis: Early assessment of product mechanical behavior

  • Easy to use and to understand analysis environment that enables designers and engineers to inspect product quality
  • Early product simulation reduces costs by helping detect problems at the beginning of the design process
  • Productivity gains thanks to a common environment that enables seamless analysis-design iterations
  • Linear stress and modal analysis on part and hybrid assemblies
  • Easy to use pre and post processing capabilities
  • Automatic mesh generation and smart adaptive mesher
  • Robust and automatic generation of connection elements
  • Associativity between design and analysis specifications

CAT + MTE (Mold Tooling)
CAT+MTE Mold Tooling Creation: Integrated environment for overall tooling design and manufacturing preparation

  • Fast core and cavity definition
  • Easy know how capitalization and reuse thanks to components/tooling templates
  • Efficient change management with full associativity throughout the tooling design and manufacturing process
  • Ultra-large tooling design and management thanks to 64-bit support
  • Check the validity of the imported shape and improve its quality
  • Effective definition of core, cavity and parting surface according to pulling direction, moldability and manufacturability assessment
  • Most commonly used standard mold catalogues
  • Intelligent standard / user defined component management (with associated drillings & NC information)

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