DELMIA for Manufacturing Simulation

DELMIA allows manufacturers in any industry to virtually define, plan, create, monitor, and control all production processes. It provides an array of dedicated applications for industries, combined with an environment for knowledge-sharing, process and resource management, and the ability to capture and implement best practices for manufacturing.
DELMIA PLM technology allows manufacturers to interact with factory processes early in the design stage and months before actual production commitment. Engineers, management, and stakeholders can have a 3D visualization of the real world with the ability to evaluate “what-if scenarios,” make changes, optimize shop floor operations, and identify and eliminate costly errors and design mistakes. This allows any enterprise to facilitate higher quality and foster greater innovation. DELMIA also extends its PLM technology to smaller businesses within the supply chain to allow smaller companies to better connect and collaborate with larger manufacturers.


All manufacturers, regardless of size, face tremendous pressure. You must be flexible, improve quality, reduce costs, control investments – and speed time to market. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions have evolved to aid organizations in achieving these shared business objectives. But, these solutions are often seen as too complex and time-consuming to deploy. DELMIA PLM Express, a complete set of digital manufacturing solutions from Dassault Systèmes, overcomes these misconceptions.

Delivered in five role-based domains, DELMIA PLM Express allows small and medium-sized manufacturers to take the first steps toward PLM. You will immediately reduce deployment time and improve return on investment – critical efficiencies for a business of any size.

Resource Planning: Learn how to model in 3D and validate production workcell setup. You'll save time and money by eliminating production stoppages for set-up validation on the shop floor and by eliminating rework costs.

Robotics: Simulate robotic workcells and off-line programming that includes dedicated functionality for arc and spot welding applications. By validating all robotic movements and programming in the virtual world, you can save time and money while avoiding production stoppages with plant floor equipment.

Ergonomics: Build kinematic human models, simulate processes and optimize the human work space. You'll be able to perform risk factor analysis allowing you to maximize human comfort, improve worker efficiency and lower health-related costs.

Assembly Planning: Get comprehensive assembly process tools to simulate parts and assemblies to validate the manufacturing process. By planning earlier in the design stages with re-usable data, you'll save valuable ramp-up time and avoid costly delays in production.

Controls: Create mechanical, kinematical and logical device behavior and validate PLC programs virtually. You'll significantly reduce the ramp-up of manufacturing systems, costs for maintenance operations and the risk of factory equipment damage.

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