SIMULIA for Analysis

SIMULIA V5 introduces the products Nonlinear Structural Analysis (ANL) and Thermal Analysis (ATH). These products extend the existing capabilities to include basic nonlinear, thermal and thermal stress analysis and are intended for designers looking to accurately size their designs and quickly evaluate real world performance.

Nonlinear Structural Analysis

Nonlinear Structural Analysis (ANL) enables more advanced simulation that includes nonlinear effects, such as large displacements and material nonlinearity. Material plasticity, typical of metals, can be modeled, as can the nonlinear elasticity in hyperelastic materials like rubber. Key features: Nonlinear static analysis, Large displacements, Nonlinear materials, Multi-step analysis, Natural frequency analysis including preloading effects

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis (ATH) calculates the temperature distribution of a part of an assembly in response to the direct heating of a surface, the flow of fluid past a surface, or the specified temperature of the surface. Key Features; Steady-state and transient analysis, Material properties can be temperature dependent, Thermal loading , Heat conduction within an assembly

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