SmarTeam Product Data Management

ENOVIA SmarTeam provides collaborative offerings focused on product development processes supporting design, engineering and enterprise activities. A unified platform across all ENOVIA SmarTeam products enables collaboration between users across these different areas.

Companies can scale up to enable collaboration across global organizations or supply chains, according to their needs.Combinations of the various user-roles and site services products boost organizations with Design Collaboration, Engineering Collaboration and Enterprise Collaboration.
Two popular configurations are SmarTeam TDM and SmarTeam for Multi-CAD.

SmarTeam - Team PDM
SMARTEAM Team PDM (TDM) configuration provides rapidly implemented, scalable and customizable collaborative data management, seamlessly integrated with CATIA V5.

SMARTEAM – Editor: SmarTeam Editor is the core, Windows-based product lifecycle collaboration application of the SmarTeam product suite. It provides business collaboration solutions that enable enterprises to share, exchange, view, and manage product information from concept through obsolescence. SmarTeam - Editor enables businesses to manage various types of data and resources, including CAD drawings and assemblies, Bills of Material (BOMs), Office-type documents, including Microsoft Word and Excel, and more. In conjunction with the SmarTeam Foundation, SmarTeam Editor provides data security, file and metadata storage, and advanced (full text) searching.

SMARTEAM - CATIA Integration: The Windows-based CATIA V5 and ENOVIA DMU Navigator integration for the SmarTeam environment, CAI enables users to easily store, manage and share all common information related to an engineering project.

SmarTeam enables CATIA users to optimize collaboration and to capture and reuse design knowledge. The seamless, bi-directional integration improves productivity, reduces design phases and, most importantly, shortens time-to-market.

Both CATIA V5 and ENOVIA DMU Navigator share the same Dassault Systmes V5 architecture, which is natively integrated within SmarTeam. SmarTeam CATIA Integration is an add-on to SmarTeam Editor (EDR), which is available through the SmarTeam Editor Configuration (SED) and the CATIA Team PDM Configuration (TDM). In addition, the CATIA integration is also available through the SmarTeam CATIA Web Integration Product (CWI), which uses a web interface.

SMARTEAM – Foundation: SmarTeam Foundation is a complete enterprise product information collaboration platform that enables teams across the extended enterprise to collaborate on product data in a concurrent engineering environment. It delivers complete organizational collaboration across all enterprise applications and is configured for optimal use of the companys IT infrastructure.

As manufacturing enterprises grow, the need to control and share vast amounts of product information grows exponentially. SmarTeam Foundation leverages a unique combination of leading-edge technologies to create a robust, secure, open, flexible and scalable collaborative product data management solution, enabling global manufacturers to achieve their goals.

SmarTeam Foundation provides secure, real-time access to product data for authorized users, from virtually anywhere on the globe. The SmarTeam repository ensures data integrity and core technologies enable global access.
LDAP support enables all SmarTeam products to support authentication of users against an LDAP server (such as Windows Active Directory, IBM Directory Server and others).

SmarTeam Foundation is required for each SmarTeam user and is therefore included in all SmarTeam configuration packages.

SmarTeam Multi-CAD
Bringing the functionality of Editor and Foundation found above in TDM combined with multi-cad benefits to bring rich, seamlessly integrated PDM functionality to CAD users. The SmarTeam Multi CAD Integration (MCI) creates the conditions necessary for common collaboration among mixed-CAD engineering teams by offering CAD users one SmarTeam license for deploying several CAD integrations on one workstation.

SmarTeam - Multi CAD Integration (MCI): is a new product that offers administrators simplified licensing management. SmarTeam - Multi CAD Integration (MCI) enables users to purchase one license for working with SmarTeam - AC Integration (ACI), SmarTeam - IN Integration (INI), SmarTeam - SE Integration (SEI) and SmarTeam - SolidWorks Integration (SWI). SmarTeam - MultiCAD Integration creates the conditions necessary for colloboration among mixed-CAD design teams, while seamlessly integrating PDM functionality directly within the native CAD environment.

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